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    Your Family Doctor in Melton For Complete Healthcare

    Four Corners GP strives to deliver high-quality healthcare to patients and their families in Melton. Being your trusted family doctor in Melton South and Melton West, we utilise a holistic and professional approach to treat a number of diseases and medical issues. Our trained and certified teams of doctors and nurses work closely with you to offer all the care and assistance needed for a rapid recovery. Book an appointment today!

    Services We Offer

    As your family doctor in Melton, we make no compromises on treatment quality. We offer a number of services that cover a major spectrum of health issues across all groups. Some of the services we offer include:
    • Routine Medical Health Check-ups Enhancing your overall health is crucial which is why regular health check-ups are necessary to stay healthy. We offer routine check-ups for both men and women to prevent any disease from occuring. We also conduct assessments to monitor patient health and keep them notified.
    • Child Medical Health Services Our team offers caring health care for young ones. During child visits, always make sure to provide a clean, safe, and calm environment for children.
    • ImmunisationsIn case you need immunisation to cure an infectious disease, we help you stay. We offer vaccinations for a range of diseases.
    • Treatment for Chronic PainChronic pain comes in many forms and can sometimes be an underlying sign of a major health risk or condition. We treat a number of chronic conditions.
    • Consultations We provide lifestyle counselling or regular consultations to keep your and your family’s health in good shape. We are comfortable with in-person, on-call, and even video consultations. During every session, we strive to give you helpful advice you expect from a professional doctor. Home visits can be made available at the doctor’s discretion, please be advised additional fees will apply.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Caring for the general health and wellbeing of the whole family
    • Regular health check-ups for all ages
    • Physical examinations for the whole family
    • Storing your health records all under one location

    Why Us as Your Family Doctor in Melton?

    Our doctors and health practitioners at Four Corners GP are passionate about family healthcare and work closely with you to give the best treatment. We possess the required skills and expertise in general practice to help you overcome health issues.

    We use advanced medical-grade equipment to carry out treatments. With our modern and comfortable treatment facility we strive to give you a much better, professional, and personalised healthcare services you deserve.

    No matter what medical concern you have, our team of doctors, allied health professionals and support staff are always ready to help and will proactively handle your treatment from day one. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

    Living in Melton? Need complete high-quality healthcare for you and your loved ones? We can help. Four Corners GP offers healthcare services in Aintree, Atherstone, Brookefield, Cobblebank, Eyensbury, Kurunjang, Rockbank and Woodleand.